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GLOPAY is Logistics Next Generation Global Payment Solution. In today's fast pace world of trading and logistics, speed matters: Seconds and Minutes count - Days is just not acceptable. GLOPAY Instant and Free Transfers to another GLOPAY client are the differentiators to winning or losing business


Why GLOPAY was created
  • Provide a Global Payment Solution - created for Logistics Professionals, by Logistics Professionals.
  • Provide an easy-to-use tool allowing the Logistics industry to save thousands on banking fees.
  • Provide a method of Receivables and Payables Management.
  • Provide a platform that continues to evolve. Interaction with our clients will create opportunities to additional tools for a stronger Payment Solution.


Highlights of GLOPAY tools to assist your business
  • Multiple variations of authorization levels for users, all controlled by the main account administrator.
  • Funds Request Function places your invoice in front of another GLOPAY™ client - operations is not involved.
  • Capability to view and download (.xls) transactions, withdrawals and account fundings.
  • One-time notification to Operational staff to be alerted on a specific payment expected, allowing Operations to wait with shipping until funds are confirmed as received on the GLOPAY account.


Some of the features that GLOPAY provides.
  • No sign-up/enrollment fees or minimum balance requirements. Ever.
  • Immediate transfer of funds from one GLOPAY account to another.
  • GLOPAY transfers are free of charge for both Sender and Receiver.
  • Web platform on 256-encrypted with highest levels of SSL certification.
  • Various email and dashboard notifications to ensure you won't miss anything.


Account Setup

Sign up for your free GLOPAY account. Upon approval of your account your company can start saving money on your international transfers immediately.

Global Structure

Add the "We Accept GLOPAY" logo to your documents to let your partners know you have a GLOPAY account

Find and be Found

Our intuitive GLOPAY platform gives you immediate access to all current account holders. Just a few clicks to transfer any of our set up currencies


In matter of seconds Send or Receive funds 24/7/365 on our secure GLOPAY servers. Solve your logistical challenges - the timing of payment is in your hands now!


What Our Clients Say Don't just take our word for it

  • I have set us up with a GLOPAY account. Modern design and I can see that other forwarders have already signed up. Security is super important, and I see that GLOPAY runs on the latest data encryption. The system is very easy to use, and one can see transactions quickly. Setting up sub-level users within my GLOPAY account is a great tool to manage security and validate payments.

    Reynir Gislason IFS Group, Peru
  • How much more effortless could this be? Sign in and I am just a few clicks away from transferring funds, that are received immediately. We will be saving into the thousands per year on bank fees. We prefer to receive funds through GLOPAY and are proud to state "We Accept GLOPAY"

    Roger Black Blacksmith Freight Services, UK

After your initial GLOPAY account setup, an organization currently has two method of funding their account:

Once the funds are received on your organization's GLOPAY account, you will be able to launch your own transfer of funds to another GLOPAY account holder - Instant and Free of Charge!

Communication from the GLOPAY platform to your organization is key. Key action points within the GLOPAY platform will trigger a notification to the administrator of your organization. Change of the external bank account, Transfer of Funds confirmations, Receipt of Funds information, added user notifications are just some of the messages provided as an added security layer.

If your organization wants to withdraw funds from their GLOPAY account, a request within the platform can be launched. After security checks to ensure a safe and approved withdrawal, the funds are transferred to your external bank account. Note that any change from the original bank account will need separate and explicit approval from the organization's main administrator.

A small fee is charged to your GLOPAY account for externally transferred or received bank wires.
Transfers from one GLOPAY account to another are however free of charge!

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